Some of the jobs for career helicopter pilots include

Police Helicopter

Getting off the Ground

So you‘re thinking about becoming a helicopter pilot. Now what do you do?
Helicopters on the ground

We love to help people who are considering this career, or hobby, make great choices. Here‘s a breakdown of the usual process to help you get off the ground!

TRY: In a demo flight, you‘ll take the controls and actually fly some basic maneuvers with your instructor’s help. Ask to participate in the “pre-flight check,” which ensures safety and gives you a better understanding of the mechanics of a helicopter.

TRAIN: After enrolling, you‘ll be matched up with an instructor for one-on-one ground and flight training on a schedule that meets your needs. At NEH you will receive quality, professional training in a safe environment.

TEACH: You start your career as a Certificated Flight Instructor, teaching students how to fly, while building experience. In this entry level position you will hone your skills as a pilot by teaching the courses and classes that you have mastered.

TAKE-OFF! Now that you‘ve built up the required hours, you‘re ready to venture out into the commercial helicopter world. Whether you‘re flying Grand Canyon tours, New York City Charters, oil rigs in the Gulf, (or anywhere else), you‘ll always be part of the Northeast Helicopter Family!

If this is sounding right to you, then give us a call!

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