Northeast Helicopters

Why Choose Northeast Helicopters

Currently there are few aviation schools in the USA that meet the requirements to issue a student visa (I-20) to train international students.

An international student may attend any one of these aviation schools, but here are some reasons that make Northeast Helicopters the right choice for you.

International Students

Northeast Helicopters is the oldest helicopter flight school in the country, operating for 43 years. We have trained international students from 29 different countries.

We are strictly a helicopter flight school. We do not have “other” outside business, such as contracts, outside maintenance, etc. From the owners, to our Chief Pilot, mechanics and CFII‘s as well as our fleet of aircraft, we are strictly dedicated to our valuable students.

We do not rent out our fleet of helicopters since our students needs come first. Every aircraft is owned by Northeast Helicopters. All aircraft maintenance is performed at Northeast Helicopters. Our Director of Maintenance has been working on aircraft for twenty plus years. In addition, a full time mechanic provides service work during the week and weekends. Northeast Helicopters also performs all overhauls in our Maintenance Department. The owner, John Boulette is an A&P and IA, as well as a helicopter pilot, and has been in the industry for 34 years.

The Owner and the Chief Pilot along with all our CFII‘s, completed their training at Northeast Helicopters. We do not hire pilots from outside the Northeast Helicopter family.

Northeast Helicopters will assist you from the very first phone call or e-mail, to help you with the necessary paperwork procedures to arrive in the USA on your I-20 student visa. The process may seem difficult as well as overwhelming at first, however we will guide you through the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) process, finger printing, background checks, and the visa process. We will provide you with the information to make this process as painless as possible. Once you arrive in the USA, we will be at the airport awaiting your arrival, have housing ready, and your needs met. After your ratings have been accomplished, we will be able to guide you in the preparation to meet the requirements in your country. Will you need to build hours to meet minimum requirements in your country? We will also be able to inform you of what conversions you will need to make when you return home.

For international pricing contact Rhonda Boulette at (866) 634-3567