Northeast Helicopters

School Tour

Welcome to Northeast Helicopters.

Whether you are geographically unable to join us for a tour, or are just waiting for that perfect day to come in and visit, this page will give you a sense of the layout of our school until you can get in and see it for yourself. Of course it won't show you the true spirit of Northeast, which resides in our instructors, staff and students. For that, we hope to see you in person soon!

Our school occupies an entire hangar at Ellington Airport, and is dedicated one-hundred percent to helicopter training. Even if you haven't scheduled a visit, feel free to stop by some day and bring your lunch to our picnic table to watch the helicopter action...many new pilot careers started this way.
NEH Hanger

When you pass through the main entrance you'll arrive in this hallway. The main hall connects all the rooms on the first floor.
NEH Hallway

Your first right off the main hall might be the most important, it's where we keep the coffee pot brewing all day long....the first part of our kitchen.
NEH Kitchen 1

The kitchen also features an "oven room" where the stove's through that window on the right...not that exciting... until you taste the stuff Rhonda brings out of there!
NEH Kitchen 2

Continuing down the hall you'll arrive at the Chief Pilot's office. As a Part 141 school, the chief has many responsibilities, including the most important one, making sure students are progressing at the appropriate rate and are enjoying their training.
Chief Pilot Office

Down further is central dispatch. This is where aircraft are checked in and out by instructors and students. We guarantee you will wind up hanging around at dispatch, and if you aren't talking about the latest helicopter video or socializing with other students after your flight, then you are probably just about to. (There is also a LOT of good humor shared at dispatch.)
NEH Dispatch

Continue further and you'll discover the conference room. We use this space for everything from weekly instructor meetings to debriefing after a flight. Some of our extra courses are also taught in this room.
NEH Conference Room

Last room on the Right is the weather room. The WSI weather center and a desk phone provide students everything they need to evaluate the weather before going flying.
NEH Weather Room

Across from the weather room is the owner's office. You'll note that the door is open, which it nearly always is. That's because John and Rhonda are primarily concerned with your training experience and are always available to help you in any way possible. (John may even share some of his incredible flying experiences with you, and there's also a secret stash of candy in there, but don't tell them we told you that!)
NEH Main Office

Travelling back up the hall we arrive at the hangar. The door is opposite the dispatch desk, and probably should be a swinging saloon style door because of how often people travel through it. We hangar all of our aircraft to protect them from weather.
NEH Hanger 1

On the far side of the hangar is the maintenance shop.
NEH Hanger 2

Maintenance is well equipped and ready to service any helicopter in our fleet.
NEH Maintenance 1

As an authorized service shop, we perform all of our maintenance in-house, which keeps our aircraft constantly and readily available to our students while minimizing any down time.
NEH Maintenance 2

The second floor at the rear of the hangar featured four individual classrooms used for ground training. All of our ground instruction is one-on-one with your instructor, ensuring you get the most individualized and tailored training that you can.
NEH Class Hall

Classrooms are equipped with white-boards, screens, projectors, laptop computers and the necessary training aids to provide professional ground instruction.
NEH Classroom 1

The seat on the left is yours...we can't wait to get you started on your way to a great career flying helicopters!
NEH Classroom 2