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For those individuals who have their eyes set on a professional career as a helicopter pilot, we recommend Pro-Trac, the Professional Pilot Training Program.

The Pro-Trac program encompasses five separate ratings and meets all FAA standards and minimums:

Our program is the quickest way to begin your career as a professional pilot, and will save you thousands of dollars in your training.

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This intensive course is tailored around the scheduling needs of our students, by working one-on-one with their instructors. The goal is to successfully train you to become a Professional Flight Instructor. Pro-Trac will sharpen your skills as a pilot and as an instructor, and will transform you into a safe and responsible pilot ready for the challenges of a career in aviation.

Throughout the program, you will be encouraged to take advantage of the knowledgeable pilots and staff. Questions are encouraged and the wise student will take advantage of this opportunity. As a Pro-Trac student you will want to gain the upper hand when you are seeking employment by being as informed as possible.

Helicopter operators today will often require 1,000 hours or more before you can fly for them. By successfully completing our Pro-Trac program, and then instructing, you will gain the expertise and skills necessary to seek employment.

At the completion of our Pro-Trac, you will have received quality flight training to a very high level of expertise. You may be asked to put that expertise to work and join the Northeast Helicopter family of CFI's. As you develop flight time and experience, you will be challenged to a higher and higher degree.

Northeast Helicopters will provide you with the skills to take you as far as you desire to go…the sky‘s the limit!

As you continue to consider this career path, make certain you do careful and thorough research to help find a great Part 141 FAA approved school. While you are researching, our flight school interview guide can help ensure you're asking all the right questions.