Northeast Helicopters

Flight Instructor (CFI / CFII)

A Flight Instructor carries a great deal of responsibility, not only for the aircraft they fly, but for the students that they teach. Our flight instructors are held to the highest standards of safety and best practices. The reputation of our instruction is well known throughout the industry.

Classroom Lesson

Our goal is to prepare you to meet our strict training and safety standards, so that whether you join our team, or any other, you‘ll stand out as an NEH-trained flight instructor.

It is not enough that you are a competent commercial pilot, but you must also have a thorough understanding of how people learn and what motivates them as individuals. During this course, you will spend significant time preparing lesson plans and practicing instructional techniques while continuing to refine your skill as a pilot. You‘ll also master the art of the touch-down autorotation (commonly called a “full-down”).

It takes a great deal of practice to explain complex flight information in a way that is easy to understand. With careful guidance, your instructor will walk you through each lesson until you are confident in your abilities to teach. Think back to your first class and you will appreciate your instructor's knowledge and patience. Your instructor will prepare you to perform with the same knowledge and patience so that your students will realize the same benefits that you came to appreciate.

Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument

You are finally here! The last course. The emphasis of this course is to prepare the student for the additional rating of Certified Instrument Instructor. This course is developed around helicopter IFR procedures and pilot decision making skills. The same procedures as the Certified Flight Instructor Course apply, only in an instrument environment.

To be considered as a Northeast Helicopter Flight Instructor, the student must have their Instrument rating and their Instrument Flight Instructor Rating.